Smth Your Copywriter Would Want you to Never Learn About

Being meticulous and nitpicking is not a bad trait by itself, as long as it comes in the right time and not too frequent. Dealing with a copywriter (searching for one, proofreading or setting up requirements) may not always be a pleasant experience if you have no strict rules of what should be included in the article you order, if you are not giving precise guidelines or state your requirements. I have put together the list below virtually on the fly years ago but it is still as good as it used to be. Here is what I think a good article is.

A quality article or post grounds on decent research work ending up in the use of precise:

– places
– dates
– people’s names
– quotes
– recent news or events
– statistics

Occasionally I do some copywriting work by myself just to have a better understanding of the copywriting challenges in this or that industry (be sure, the final copywriting price will differ a lot depending on the topic you choose, while some copywriters may not pick it up at all) and often the work ends up in 5 – 10 – 15 opened tabs in a browsers just to add the right (and updated) fact in the article I am working on.

Will your copywriter always be as hard and eager? Very much doubt

Can search engines and artificial intelligence rely on the analysis of the introduced list to assess content quality? Pretty much confident