SEO Power Suit: Young, Aggressive and.. Not Worth Switching To

Something I have been hoping to find time for is writing about the arsenal of SEO software we employ. At different times and for different purposes we have used a number of online services such as for example multiple duplicate C Class address checker as well as two major desktop seo programs:  IBP, SEO Administrator but today I would like to test a seo-helper developed by Link Assistant called SEO Power Suit.

First SEO software solutions would focus mostly on on-page optimization delivering us precise data about keywords density, text to media ratio, Meta description length and so on, but when it came to extracting information from Internet regarding off-site optimization standiness often software would stuck or deliver wrong results. Often, when checking manually we would see multiple wrongs in such simple yet vital for the report statistics element as rankings.

SEO Power Suit is made up of 4 separate parts: Rank Tracker, WebSite Auditor, SEO SpyGlass and LinkAssistant. Let’s test them all one by one and see how good they are:

Rank Tracker: On the very start software launched an update and jumped from version 6.6.2 to 6.7.1, latest release made January, 30 2013. Website ranking checking is quite simple: One needs to enter the URL and the set of keywords. We have entered a URL of one of our former clients with 4 keywords. By default 3 major search engines were selected to check rankings in. Because it was a USA website we moved on and in less than 2 minutes checking was accomplished. We have discovered that we are still performing for 3 out of 4 keywords:pic1

The tool is quite simple and allows neat report generation / exporting with possible tracking of positions over time.

Previously, such tools would make too many requests to search engines that would end up with a CAPTCHA while you keep on searching for stuff manually. It is only later that SEO tools started to use proxies that would make their work stable and CAPTCHA free. Rank Tracker seems to have solved the issue completely. The only tiny bug we have discovered is that when switching from Russian into English – one field on the program window would still stay in Russian: Field to the right from the Quick Filter still went on saying “Все ключевые слова (компактно)” (later I learnt out that When you start the software in English, all default templates (report templates, workspaces templates) are generated in this language. If you switch to another one, you need to regenerate these templates after changing the language. This is the reason for the name  of workspace to stay in Russian after I switched to English). Free license does not allow me to re-start (and see if it switches to English) and save the ranking results.

Website Auditor: Honestly, what I would like to see in the section is a clear analysis of all (or major) pages of the website with Titles, Meta Keywords and Description and broken links. These and many more factors of a selected page can be found with Website Audit tool. Because I was checking a website with 8600 pages in Google index it took over two hours to check all the pages (according to my Internet download speed was 6.76 Mbps), but as a matter of fact the crawler did not go further than 1820 pages – which should not be a stop for a licensed version. When launching this tool it was running in Russian again, so there is no interlinking in settings between different components of SEO Power Suit (but as I said in the very beginning – SEO PowerSuite is a toolkit of separate programs, so language settings cannot be general for all 4 tools, each tool has its own properties). Google PR distribution failed to check PR of pages even though we clicked “Regenerate” button a few times. Alexa rank, which is 567, 546 is not getting checked as well.

Website_Audit_screenprintWebsite report section of the analysis includes all the important information about the website such as its age, server location, DMOZ directory listing and so on. To check these parameters on the fly we usually use browser plugin SeoQuake + Flagfox, but certainly they are good for nothing when it comes to generating an all-inclusive report.

SEO SpyGlass: Till today I have loved to use Google alerts for these purposes. You get a neat set of fresh links every day and may use either a domain or a keyword. But it works for slow day-to-day work when a dozen other tasks are to be accomplished. SEO SpyGlass tool is when you need it all and need it now!

I have selected the keywords “worship music” and the SEO Spy Glass went through 10 search engines to discover over 10 000 backlinks. Sounds like a cool task for the near couple of years :)). But we want to get the best of these and so I move further to analyze the discovered links (I have a limit of 1100 with the free license) to check such parameters as: anchor text, page PR, OBLs number, link weight, IP address, Alexa rank, domain age, tags and more. This tool is not quick if you are requiring detailed analysis – be prepared to launch it overnight if you want to analyze all of the links of your competitors, and they are usually huge in numbers unless you are targeting low-traffic keywords. Roughly, it takes 10 minutes to check 72 links.

An idea I would suggest implementing in this section is grouping same URL links so that it is easier to work with the list. If it is a forum signature type of backlink – it could bring in a long list of same type links. Putting them together would be very useful.

LinkAssistant: Helps the user to find link exchange partners. We have advised implementing this feature into running CMSes of most of our clients back in those days when link exchange was quite effective in SEO. Today the tool will still work perfectly well for 3 and 4 way link exchanges, keeping an eye on the paid links in directories, blogposts, social bookmarking sites and more. It has an in-built browser, e-mail client and reports section. It is basically Excel sheet, Outlook, Firefox and Power Point all inLink Assistant Print Screen one. Storing information between them all makes delivering reports to your client so much faster and one does not need to kill valuable working hours making up a report – it becomes a matter of a few clicks with LinkAssistant. However, I would strongly recommend guys from LinkAssistant to implement a no-follow / do-follow plugin for the browser. An SEO expert can’t go without it.

Total link partners and backlinks count graph is totally awesome! It is one of those things I wanted to implement for years! Getting too many links at once might be dangerous, so getting the links curve as flat as possible is always a good idea! Unless you get a huge off-line promo carried out, but let me stop before I go too far…

Summary: What I did not like about the software is that one may not be able to reduce the SEO Power Suit window as it is always on top while running. SEO SpyGlass and WebSite Auditor are running for hours with the big websites and big keywords, so it would be nice to switch it to the background running mode. But despite a few petty inconveniences I should say that Seo PowerSuit is a very powerful tool both for seo newbies and experts with very easy reporting facilities, however not worth its money any more (updated on April, 2014) It is quite self-explanatory, well-designed and very easy to generate a report, but only if you have a small fortune behind your PayPal or Credit Card. One may download it for free now to see what your competitors are doing, catch up with them and become the leader in your niche. However, we stopped using it in spring of 2014 and switched back to more professional solutions provided by multiple companies.