SEO and Google Search: Fellow Sufferers

Dead_endToday Google considers seo as a means of improving a website in all possible directions by praising the websites optimized the right way with clear hierarchy, clever HTML code, reliable hosting, unique content (not only textual, but also photo and video), easy social media interaction facilities and keeps a close eye on your brainchild by offering one of the most elaborate traffic tracking tools called Google Analytics. Google encourages the owner to provide more information about the company and the owner with Google Maps and Google + accounts and thus reveal your personality and responsibility to the end user. It might be your brand name or the owner’s name mentioned here and there online that brings more trust and traffic to your website than a hundred links multiple seo agencies are promising. Links that look good in an seo report but bring more questions as the “Google Zoo” welcomes its new furry family members.

Google faces today one of the most complicated issues possible: How to rank two or more worthwhile websites selling the same services or products. It would be a matter of choice to a human, and there could not be unified criterion. So why not rely on a couple of hundreds ranking factors that have already been implemented? Why not punish cheap seo companies getting a worthless links and why not add to the reputation of those who can hire a native British copywriter?

Google is clearly able to prevent us from obvious spam and dishonest seller using machines only, but browsing Internet is not getting easier not only for non-commercial stuff but for things to buy as well.