Google Penguin Update

Can’t but share a funny video dedicated to the latest Penguin Update issued by Google.

If seriously Google Penguin update is all about NOT MAKING MISTAKES that cause bans, penalizing or a specific filter applied to your website. Naturally, each of us would like to know exactly what Google considers a mistake (that is what I call overoptimisation or unnatural seo techniques). What we have today is lack or decreasing number of effective tools for seo and a sharp need to distinguish between what works and what does not. Some methods are becoming openly dangerous and unacceptable if you are serious about bringing your website to top positions.

Getting hundreds of links overnight promised by some seo companies might sound fantastic to a layer man but any seo expert knows that it is a shortway to a seo fail. Meanwhile some seo companies offer such services as part of their packages. Just today I got an e-mail from some Rahul Tiwari offering the following during just one month: 180 directory submissions (rather doubt they are manual as promised), 80 article submissions again manual (wow – that is about USD 400 in copywriting services alone), 20 press releases submitted which sounds more or less acceptable, 100 social bookmarking listings to name only a few items from what is included in the package which makes up 380 links from what I have mentioned. Would be fine for a website that is already sits on an seo plan and gets some links on a permanent basis. But getting 400 links out of a sudden per one month when you have had just a few during the last year… You need not to be a seo expert to guess that it is unnatural. Now guess the price of the package? Just USD 220. Sounds good to be true… unless… that includes one hardly readable article submitted to 80 directories most likely during one day (does not matter the article directory is nofollow or dofollow, trustworthy or yesterday’s pop up, banned or not) – all that worth not a half of a single well written article submitted…