Caffeine Update

Despite the fact the Google updates and enriches its algorithms continuously updates of such a scale as the upcoming Caffeine Update has not been known since 2006. For the first time ever Google introduces testing the SERPs in the existing and “Caffeined” version of the search engine.  Even though the Google team stresses that the primary aim of the update is to optimize the architecture, visible changes occurred to multiple keywords both in low and high competition industries.

Even though Google is still gathering feedbacks and possibly making minor changes to the algorithm some webmasters and seo experts are raising the alarm, because of the striking difference between the existing rankings and SERPs after the Caffeine update...

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Search Engine Ranking Algorithms Overview

Today, I want to tell you a bit about search engine ranking algorithms’ history and what we should probably expect in the future. Hopefully, this article will help you to optimize your site in advance and secure its visibility in the near and distant future. Let’s start with the aims and problems search engines have been facing.

Before Internet became available and accessible to the major part of the world there was a comparatively small number of personal and business websites, low keyword competition and even a smaller number of websites with well-done on-site optimization. At that time the webmaster could specify Meta keywords, Meta Title and URL structure to rank well for his keywords...

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Google. Link Popularity Algorithm Updates

Recent Google PR update brought many discussions regarding Page Rank’s and back link indexation algorithms’ alternations. The most striking piece of news would certainly hit link sellers and buyers since the search engine giant edited and adjusted the Page Rank of some websites with the help of its webmasters. Link purchase is the fastest way to acquire strong back links and achieve top SERPs. Even though it has little to do with actual website popularity, traffic volume and rankings, many webmasters still care about their PR and PR of the websites where their link may appear. Some of the changes are believed to be the following:

1. Human edited PR is now only applicable for well-known resources that can considerably influence any website SERP...

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Seo-Friendly Back-Link Checking Tool

Today, Internet offers a dozen back link checking tools. Some are useful, some are less; some free, the others are paid. Here is the specification of the back link crawler, developed at PromotionStep. This list itself might be a good piece of tip for both SEO specialists and for newbies. So, seo-friendly back link spider’s specifications / requirement:

1. Find a direct link to our website

2. Analyze robots.txt and page code top detect “no follow” tag

3. Analyze if the link Title has been altered

4. Analyze if the page is linked to the home page

5. Analyze how many outbound links are there on the page

6. Analyze the # of our link among other outbound links (including banners)

7. Analyze if the page is indexed by Google

8. Analyze if our link is present in the cashed page snapshot


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Seo. Now you know what it is: what’s next?

First thing you will probably want to ask the seo company, you have chosen to promote your website, is going to be: What are we going to do about it? This article will serve as a short guide and a brief answer to this question. I will try to give a short outline of the stages of search engine optimization depending on the current level of website’s traffic and popularity.

Unfortunately, in most cases we have to deal with newly born websites: a month old domain name, fancy design and a couple of sentences of promotional text that looks pretty much the same on several pages of the website. At this point, you might have already missed some important things for the upcoming seo campaign: you bought a domain name, selected hosting and made design without seo consultancy...

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