SEO Power Suit: Young, Aggressive and.. Not Worth Switching To

Something I have been hoping to find time for is writing about the arsenal of SEO software we employ. At different times and for different purposes we have used a number of online services such as for example multiple duplicate C Class address checker as well as two major desktop seo programs:  IBP, SEO Administrator but today I would like to test a seo-helper developed by Link Assistant called SEO Power Suit.

First SEO software solutions would focus mostly on on-page optimization delivering us precise data about keywords density, text to media ratio, Meta description length and so on, but when it came to extracting information from Internet regarding off-site optimization standiness often software would stuck or deliver wrong results...

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SEO and Google Search: Fellow Sufferers

Dead_endToday Google considers seo as a means of improving a website in all possible directions by praising the websites optimized the right way with clear hierarchy, clever HTML code, reliable hosting, unique content (not only textual, but also photo and video), easy social media interaction facilities and keeps a close eye on your brainchild by offering one of the most elaborate traffic tracking tools called Google Analytics. Google encourages the owner to provide more information about the company and the owner with Google Maps and Google + accounts and thus reveal your personality and responsibility to the end user...

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Google Penguin Update

Can’t but share a funny video dedicated to the latest Penguin Update issued by Google.

If seriously Google Penguin update is all about NOT MAKING MISTAKES that cause bans, penalizing or a specific filter applied to your website. Naturally, each of us would like to know exactly what Google considers a mistake (that is what I call overoptimisation or unnatural seo techniques). What we have today is lack or decreasing number of effective tools for seo and a sharp need to distinguish between what works and what does not. Some methods are becoming openly dangerous and unacceptable if you are serious about bringing your website to top positions.

Getting hundreds of links overnight promised by some seo companies might sound fantastic to a layer man but any seo expert knows that it is a shortway ...

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Caffeine Update

Despite the fact the Google updates and enriches its algorithms continuously updates of such a scale as the upcoming Caffeine Update has not been known since 2006. For the first time ever Google introduces testing the SERPs in the existing and “Caffeined” version of the search engine.  Even though the Google team stresses that the primary aim of the update is to optimize the architecture, visible changes occurred to multiple keywords both in low and high competition industries.

Even though Google is still gathering feedbacks and possibly making minor changes to the algorithm some webmasters and seo experts are raising the alarm, because of the striking difference between the existing rankings and SERPs after the Caffeine update...

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Search Engine Ranking Algorithms Overview

Today, I want to tell you a bit about search engine ranking algorithms’ history and what we should probably expect in the future. Hopefully, this article will help you to optimize your site in advance and secure its visibility in the near and distant future. Let’s start with the aims and problems search engines have been facing.

Before Internet became available and accessible to the major part of the world there was a comparatively small number of personal and business websites, low keyword competition and even a smaller number of websites with well-done on-site optimization. At that time the webmaster could specify Meta keywords, Meta Title and URL structure to rank well for his keywords...

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