E-mail turns 35

Today very few would guess that e-mail might be as old as 35 years old. “Is it after or before Internet” – someone may ask. Well, if you can call 15 sites existing at that time an Internet, than after.

Back in 1965 Fernando Corbato and his acquaintances (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) developed software that allowed users to exchange messages. 6 years later Ray Tomlinson elaborated the first e-mail application. What he did was uniting the message exchange software with the application, capable of sending files. His invention was immortalized by the “ @ ” sign, that separated the domain and the destination address.

Ray Tomlinson’s first e-mail was a joyous discovery at that time. Mr. Tomlinson did not even dare to think that one day he would be getting dozen of spam e-mails from all over the world. Despite all the hardships modern e-mail might bring, it still remains important means of contact, communication and socializing.