Caffeine Update

Despite the fact the Google updates and enriches its algorithms continuously updates of such a scale as the upcoming Caffeine Update has not been known since 2006. For the first time ever Google introduces testing the SERPs in the existing and “Caffeined” version of the search engine.  Even though the Google team stresses that the primary aim of the update is to optimize the architecture, visible changes occurred to multiple keywords both in low and high competition industries.

Even though Google is still gathering feedbacks and possibly making minor changes to the algorithm some webmasters and seo experts are raising the alarm, because of the striking difference between the existing rankings and SERPs after the Caffeine update. For that reason we would like to share our observations regarding the changes, but that certainly belongs to “believe it or not” category:

  • Google is more severe about too many too much: Often you would buy from a webmaster managing a network of sites that belong to some theme – that flags your site and sinks your rankings with Caffeine updated Google
  • Watch the IP of your links – even if you get links evenly but from the same IP class… it just boils down to be of little effectiveness. Install the IP tracking plug in and pay attention to this.
  • Change the Titles, Meta Description of your front page as seldom as possible. Ideally you would want to exactly know what your site is about from the very beginning
  • Be careful with forum signature links – because of their quantity and same anchor text – that could bring ranking issues to websites with low Trust Rank
  • Be careful interlinking the websites that are hosted on the same server and registered by the same person – excessive crosslinking could bring you to no rankings.

These are just some of the tips we would want to add to the piggy bank of the opinions regarding the Caffeine update. Hope they will make the picture of the update clearer and it won’t catch us off the guard.