App Store Optimization: Myths & Facts

How to optimize an app

Just like search engines you have been using for years, Apple’s iTunes App Store (launched on July 10, 2008) as well as Google Play Store (March, 2009) and Windows Stores (February, 2012) use a certain algorithm to rank applications higher or lower. Even though the exact ranking factors are not publicly available, ASO (App Store Optimization) experts distinguish two major workflow directions:

Keyword Optimization:

  • Selected and used keywords
  • Meta data that comes with an APP (Meta Title and Meta Description)

Asset Optimization:

  • App icon, screenshots and the preview video
  • Advertising at the third party websites and networks
  • App downloads and engagement rate
  • App search by the exact name
  • Reviews and ratings

Meanwhile, Apple claims they have had the busiest sales month in their whole history in November, 2016. No exact figures yet but a vivid proof of the industry’s growth and an increasing demand for the functionality mobile applications bring in. According to The Verge the number of the apps in Apple’s App Store exceeded 2 million in June, 2016.