Another Disavow Compilation

One day you open your favorite SEO tool dashboard and it shows a large number of fresh incoming links. But don’t be too proud of yourself and your SEO efforts – unless you know the exact reason for turning so famous online (like, Google revealed last night, that YOU are theĀ unnamed Googler, who replaced Matt Cutts – the head of web spam) you should check all the incoming links thoroughly and in most cases prepare yourself for a tiresome work on updating your Disavow file(s). If you promote a website in highly competitive industry the number of the incoming links worth disavowing is going to be endless, that is why one day you start Googling for the disavow compilations (while search engines are perfectly aware of any of them). Below please find another list I put together this week.

The list I prepared deals with links of the following structure:

Here is the beginning of the list I filtered alphabetically:

Please download the full disavow file by clicking here. I checked the file for viruses before uploading it.