Avoiding The Penalties Of SEO

Google perception of guest blogging as an SEO techniqueThere are right ways to do SEO service and lots of wrong ways to do SEO service. There are all sorts of philosophical debates on the subject but in fact the most basic actions are often overlooked. We’ve gotten to the point that we often do more harm than good unintentionally.

Looking at the overall picture there are certain practices that will get your site penalized, even if such practices worked in the past.

First, the popularity of guest blogging has turned south. What used to be a fun and engaging activity has now been seen by the search engines as spammy and just another trick at link building. This is why in the copywriting community, the most valuable of services that a marketer needs, the talk is about higher quality in work, lest spammy copy, and just overall excellence...

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Copywriting Outsourcing: Think Twice Before Relying on It

We all know that you often get exactly what you pay for. This is equally true for copywriting, which is something that is very poorly understood. If you pay very little when you outsource your copywriting, then you can expect very little quality in return. This basically means that you have thrown your money away, even if it was just a little bit of money.

Why Quality Copywriting Should Be Your Top Priority

If the content on your website is thin, irrelevant or repeats itself, Google will frown upon your actions. In fact, they may just frown so much on what you did that they end up penalising you, meaning you actually lose some of your authority. Additionally, people simply won’t be interested in your site at all.

Sure, once upon a time, content wasn’t important at all...

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Death of Main Income Source for Many Indians: Cheap Blogpost Links are No More in Demand

Just got this funny e-mail:

Latest Google changes killed a whole industry in India

Looks like the last breath of a starving Indian / Pakistani webmaster (mainly, these has been offering me cheap blogpost links particularly obsessively since the beginning of 2012), who owns a thousand websites offering cheap links and blogposts but these are no more in demand…

Meanwhile, we remind that in January, 2014 Matt Cutts announced that guest blogpost links are no more an SEO tool for promotion, but rather a trash to get rid of unless one wants to look dirty to Google…

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SEO Power Suit: Young, Aggressive and.. Not Worth Switching To

Something I have been hoping to find time for is writing about the arsenal of SEO software we employ. At different times and for different purposes we have used a number of online services such as for example multiple duplicate C Class address checker as well as two major desktop seo programs:  IBP, SEO Administrator but today I would like to test a seo-helper developed by Link Assistant called SEO Power Suit.

First SEO software solutions would focus mostly on on-page optimization delivering us precise data about keywords density, text to media ratio, Meta description length and so on, but when it came to extracting information from Internet regarding off-site optimization standiness often software would stuck or deliver wrong results...

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SEO and Google Search: Fellow Sufferers

Dead_endToday Google considers seo as a means of improving a website in all possible directions by praising the websites optimized the right way with clear hierarchy, clever HTML code, reliable hosting, unique content (not only textual, but also photo and video), easy social media interaction facilities and keeps a close eye on your brainchild by offering one of the most elaborate traffic tracking tools called Google Analytics. Google encourages the owner to provide more information about the company and the owner with Google Maps and Google + accounts and thus reveal your personality and responsibility to the end user...

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