Avoiding The Penalties Of SEO

Google perception of guest blogging as an SEO techniqueThere are right ways to do SEO service and lots of wrong ways to do SEO service. There are all sorts of philosophical debates on the subject but in fact the most basic actions are often overlooked. We’ve gotten to the point that we often do more harm than good unintentionally.

Looking at the overall picture there are certain practices that will get your site penalized, even if such practices worked in the past.

First, the popularity of guest blogging has turned south. What used to be a fun and engaging activity has now been seen by the search engines as spammy and just another trick at link building. This is why in the copywriting community, the most valuable of services that a marketer needs, the talk is about higher quality in work, lest spammy copy, and just overall excellence...

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Another Disavow Compilation

One day you open your favorite SEO tool dashboard and it shows a large number of fresh incoming links. But don’t be too proud of yourself and your SEO efforts – unless you know the exact reason for turning so famous online (like, Google revealed last night, that YOU are the unnamed Googler, who replaced Matt Cutts – the head of web spam) you should check all the incoming links thoroughly and in most cases prepare yourself for a tiresome work on updating your Disavow file(s). If you promote a website in highly competitive industry the number of the incoming links worth disavowing is going to be endless, that is why one day you start Googling for the disavow compilations (while search engines are perfectly aware of any of them). Below please find another list I put together this week.

The l...

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App Store Optimization: Myths & Facts

How to optimize an app

Just like search engines you have been using for years, Apple’s iTunes App Store (launched on July 10, 2008) as well as Google Play Store (March, 2009) and Windows Stores (February, 2012) use a certain algorithm to rank applications higher or lower. Even though the exact ranking factors are not publicly available, ASO (App Store Optimization) experts distinguish two major workflow directions:

Keyword Optimization:

  • Selected and used keywords
  • Meta data that comes with an APP (Meta Title and Meta Description)

Asset Optimization:

  • App icon, screenshots and the preview video
  • Advertising at the third party websites and networks
  • App downloads and engagement rate
  • App search by the exact name
  • Reviews and ratings

Meanwhile, Apple claims they have had the busiest sales month in their whole his...

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PromotionStep Celebrates 10th Anniversary

PromotionStep turns 10-Years OldJust out of curiosity I went straight to https://whois.icann.org to check when exactly was the agency’s domain registered and when we should be celebrating our official date for going online. September, 6th 2006 – that is exactly 10 years ago…

Full of enthusiasm, ideas and my own way of seeing things I started to consult businesses’ owners on website promotion aspects. Comparatively new profession, few people having idea what SEO stood for, involved some of my colleagues and friends as well. At that time we did not completely realize that the challenges and the hardtimes Google would come up with will sift those who were after short-term profit gains…

But if you ask me about the real challenge and what it takes to build up a successful team I would not start with the Google algorithms’...

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Copywriting Outsourcing: Think Twice Before Relying on It

We all know that you often get exactly what you pay for. This is equally true for copywriting, which is something that is very poorly understood. If you pay very little when you outsource your copywriting, then you can expect very little quality in return. This basically means that you have thrown your money away, even if it was just a little bit of money.

Why Quality Copywriting Should Be Your Top Priority

If the content on your website is thin, irrelevant or repeats itself, Google will frown upon your actions. In fact, they may just frown so much on what you did that they end up penalising you, meaning you actually lose some of your authority. Additionally, people simply won’t be interested in your site at all.

Sure, once upon a time, content wasn’t important at all...

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